Negative publicity, long tours, harsh & dangerous conditions, missing family members, these are just some of the realities facing our local servicemen & women currently serving in Afghanistan and other hostile areas overseas.  Whether you support or object to our presence in those countries is not the issue, the truth of the matter is we have called upon our brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, the best of our country to serve in war on the soil of foreign lands.

   "Operation: Touch of Home" began in 2004 by Dean and Sharon Green in preparation of their son's deployment to Fallujah, Iraq.  They had many questions for other seasoned Marines and in reaching out, they discovered the immense impact receiving items from friends and families at home had on their morale.  This effort has since touched the lives of over 1,270 heroes with an excess of 133,595 pounds of essential items shipped in 5,422 large boxes over the last 10 years.  These individuals typically share these items with their whole unit, so not only hundreds, but literally thousands of US Troops have been touched by "Operation: Touch of Home".

   Also, back in 2007 when government channels dropped the ball, "Operation: Touch of Home" assisted 45 Afghanistan bound Soldiers get from Fort Bragg, NC back home to their families for Christmas. We have received countless e-mails from these GI's thanking Monroe County citizens for making their days brighter with "A Touch of Home".

   As long as there is a need, this non profit all volunteer group will continue to ensure our local Troops serving in war are not forgotten.  We have asked that we all come together and help supply essentials to these brave men and women through several events, such as fundraiser's and mass essential shipments.

   If you would like to help with the organization, collection & shipping of these items, planning events, etc., come on out to our next meeting (listed on "events" page) and join in.  Remember it's not what we send, it's that we send them "A TOUCH OF HOME".
From Afghanistan
From Iraq
"Operation: Touch of Home" is based in Monroe County, Northeast Pennsylvania, located in the scenic Pocono Mountains.  Being an all volunteer, non-profit organization, we operate on a very tight budget and expenses are ever-increasing.  It goes without saying that it is with the generosity of the community and friends like you that allows us to continue our mission of providing essential and comfort items to our local military men and women serving in  Afghanistan and other hostile areas overseas.

"Operation: Touch of Home"

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