Every fall, since 2004 when other communities are looking forward to the Christmas Holidays and how they will celebrate at home, Operation: Touch of Home turns this area's citizens hearts and minds towards helping our American fighting men and women serving in harms way.  After months of fundraiser's and planning, hundreds of our volunteers staff several large area supermarkets and department stores and collect "essential items" as donations to be shipped to our Troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan,  just in time for Christmas.  The list of volunteers is massive as we have butchers, bakers, candle stick makers, boy scouts, girl scouts, school groups, church groups, hospital groups, business groups and then just plain old "Operation: Touch of Home" regulars.  This event begins on a Friday night, runs through the weekend to culminate in shipping thousands of pounds of "essential items" to our Troops by the next Monday morning.  If all this sounds like a lot of work, it is.............But it is also a whole lot of fun...........come on out and join in this year and learn what a "Touch of Home" Christmas is all about.